Tony's Christmas Vacation

After nearly two weeks without steady internet service, its nice to have it back. Like Isaac, I came to realize that I need the internet more than I want it sometimes. Why do I say this? When you open up your three e-mail accounts and they each have over 100 emails in them, its a pain to wade through them all. Now that I’ve got a time and the internet, let me give a quick update, in standard Tony form:

  • I spent Christmas Day, most of the 5 days before it, and the day after, wrapped under a blanket fighting the worst cold I’ve had in a while. For whatever reason the only day I felt good was the 23rd. That was the day Katherine and I treated as Christmas since she had to work the next three days. It was strange not being around my family on Christmas Day itself, but I survived. I even had fun cooking a 10 pound turkey for just the two of us (it was free, and the leftovers have now made 3 full meals for the two of us.)
  • The trip to the northeast was an adventure. Splitting time between New Jersey and Bethlehem, North Carolina, Bryn Mawr, and the worst experience with an airline (Continental) that I’ve had in years it was at times awesome and other times frustrating. I’m going to do everything I can to avoid flying on Continental in and out of Newark from now on. Maybe understaffing and putting cranky people at customer service on one of the busiest travel days of the year isn’t a good idea.
  • I’ve spent the last couple of days studying for interviews, getting caught up on what’s  been going on, cleaning, doing laundry, and playing more video games (ok, just NCAA Football 2006) than I have in a year. Its been nice.
  • I don’t know what to expect out of the Giants this weekend. Philadelphia is playing much better than the Giants are lately, but Eli has put up pretty good stats every time he’s played against the Eagles the last two years. The Eagles are almost over confident right now (I’m looking at you Trent Cole), and anything can happen in the playoffs (who would have thought the Steelers would have won one for the thumb last year?) I’m not saying the Giants are going to win, but I’ll be wearing my Shockey Jersey in the first half and Tiki Jersey in the second half.
  • The reality of school starting next week is starting to hit me. I’ve been going through my corporate valuation book as well as going through my accounting notes. I’m not looking forward to trying to balance those hard classes and interviewing.
  • So far I know that I have at least 4 interviews with IB’s in NYC, with the possibility of one or two more. I’m also still going to pursue a couple of banks outside of NYC because I really like the people I’ve met, but I don’t know if its appropriate to list their names here. What I can say is that I’ve very grateful that I’m at least getting a chance to present myself to some of the best banks on the Street and outside of the city also.
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  1. You are gonna rox your classes and interviews… sorry about not being in your Corp Val group… you might have to help me with it next Fall :-) Happy New Year!

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