LinkedIn Tip of the Week: LinkedIn Mobile

Top 5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Mobile

1)     You’re walking to your networking coffee and you’re not sure who to look for. Log on to the mobile app and search for their name, most likely you’ll get a small headshot to help you identify them at Starbucks.

2)     It’s Discovery Weekend at Owen, or Alumni Weekend, or any other big event and you don’t want to forget that last person you met. Go into the app and add them as a connection! You may not be able to personalize the message, but at least you won’t forget them.

3)     You’re in class and the professor is asking about what happened in the news relevant to strategy/ leadership/ finance that week. Seriously, LinkedIn today will help you sound way smarter than we all know you already are.

4)     Then share that latest and greatest with your network, perhaps they’re in the next section of class, or maybe they’re your next employer either way – share your insights!

5)     You just got your interview schedule (it starts in 30 minutes) and you don’t know half the people on the list. Hit up the app to do some quick research about your interviewers’ backgrounds and gain insights to what they might be looking for from you. By the way, I just used this in my most recent interview!

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